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本站不提供在线支付,请直接联系客服《微信号: woniu7com 》!!谢谢!!!


Website Could Not Support Pay Online,

Foreign Customers Please Contact Our Email:


Overseas Customers How To Buy?


We can ship to worldwide by EMS/UPS/DHL.
The price show at the product web is the RMB price.
Overseas customers just need change into U.S. dollars.
Overseas customers pay total cost:product cost + Transfer fee《20USD》 + Shipping Cost《25USD》
Transfer via PayPal or Western Union.Also we only accept U.S. dollars.
After completing the transfer, provide me a transfer certificate and 
Provide detailed shipping information, including detailed address, Phone No., Name and Post Code.
After confirming the payment, we will arrange the delivery and provide the ship paper.




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